Arcadian Street

Arcadian Street in Ephesus

Arcadian Street

Arcadian Street dates back to Hellenistic Era and was one of the main streets of Ephesus City. The street used to be an entry of Ephesus Port which was used by emperors, councils, merchants, sailors and other important people who were coming by sea entered and officially greeted. After its construction in Hellenistic period, street was renovated during the reign of Arcadius (395-408 AD.), and gained the name after him.

With marble slabs and colonnades it was a designed street which was 530 meters long and 11 meters wide. Shops and galleries on both sides of the street were located and gates of the shops were in the form of monumental arches. Exchange offices and translater were also placed.

During Cristian era, four high columns with the statues of four apostles on the top and decorated street with colonnades with cross decorated capitals were added by Ephesians. Arcadian Street also known one of only three lighted streets, along with those of Rome and Antioch.

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