Footprint Sign for Brothel

Footprint Sign for Brothel

The house was two-storeyed and only the ground floor is thought to have been Brothel House which was located on crosses at the Marble Road and the Curetes Street. In the Brothel a statue of Priapos ( the god fertility ) which is exhibited in Archeological Museum of Ephesus now, was found. Also, some mosaics shows that this could be a Brothel, because these mosaics represent a man with two women having fun together and they found on the floor of a room on the west side of this house.

An advertisement which was made on the pavement shows the direction of the Brothel on the Marble Road also. The story of this pavement is the lady on the pavement who also owner of the house says if your heart is empty and you have money, follow the left side of the road to go to Love House.

There were  beautiful mosaics and marble were paved on the floor in this house and its walls were covered with frescoes. In the middle it had a peristyle, around which were rooms and halls of different sizes, like in Terrace Houses. With the gate on Marble Road and the gate on the Curetes Street, the house had two gates. The so-called Brothel was built along with the Latrines and Temple of Hadrian. During Byzantine period, the front part of the Brothel was turned into a different construction and used as stoa, later called as Alytarhos.

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