Curetes Street

Curetes Street Ephesus

Curetes (Kuretes) Street

Between the Hercules Gate and the Celcus Library the street was called as Curetes Street. It was a sacred road which was used by the Curetes and it continued its existence contrary to the hippodamic system of the Hellenistic-Roman city.

During excavation the archaeologists found an inscription on the street and also in written about Curetes who were mentioned as semi-gods the mythology. It is a street which was largely paved in marble and there are also stone pavements. A deep drain pipe is under the street there. Some roads also connected to the Crutes Street horizantally in accordance with the grid iron plan of the city.

Curetes Streets of Ephesus was for the ceremonies which were held for the honour of Goddess Artemis. The road dates back to the 2nd century BC, many statues standing on the pedestals on the right hand side were hosted these statues were belonging to the important figures of ancient city of Ephesus. trade and artisans shops were built on the both side of the Curetes Street later. Now some of the remains, near Octagon, Heroon of Arsinoe at the west end of the street Curetes Street are still visible.

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