Hadrian Temple

Ephesus Hadrian Gate

Hadrian Gate

One of the other gorgeous structure is Temple of Hadrian still on the Curetes Street in Ephesus. It is known from inscription that this temple was constructed by P. Vedius Antoninus Sabinus of Ephesus in honor of Emperor Hadrian (117 – 138 A.D.).

Monumental structures would be dedicated by the citizens of Ephesus for the emperors who visited the city. It locates opposite the Terrace Houses. Some reliefs were used in the decoration of the capitals on the facede of the temple to having the power, prevent evil or bad luck. There were four Corinthian columns supporting a curved arch on the facade of the temple, in the middle of the arch goddess Tyche, protectress of the city, was carved.

In 300 A.D. the statues of the tetrachs, Diocletianus, Constantinus Ciarus, Maximianus and Glalerius remain, were placed on the pedestials. Inside the temple above the door the beautiful relief of Antinous who was the male lover of Emperor Hadrian with ornaments of acanthus leaves is standing.

The statue of Emperor Hadrian who was one of the five good emperors, was inside the cella of building. The other four Good Emperors of the Roman were Nerva, Trajan, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. The friezes on the treshold which were taken from another structure and placed here during the reconstruction of the temple in 4th century AD, are depicting the story of the mythological foundation of Ephesus – Androklos shooting a boar, Dionysus in ceremonial procession and the Amazons, Persian invasions with an elephant. The fourth frieze portrays two male figures one of which is Apollo; a female figure, Androkles, Herakles, the wife and son of Theodosius and the goddess Athena. We see the replicas of the friezes today, the originals of the friezes are exhibited at Archeological Museum of Ephesus.

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