Harbour Baths

Ephesus Harbour Baths

Harbour Baths and Gymnasium

Harbour baths which is located in the north of Arcadian Street had a bath, a gymnasium, meeting rooms and a sports area. It was built in period of Emperor Domitian and then rebuilt after earthquake in 262 A.D., finally the building was completed in 4th century A.D.

A monumental court was into entrance and opposite the entrance to the south there was an exedra decorated with statues.  In front of the exedra there was a pool in the bath and entrance section there was an infront of this bath. Some peristyle mosaic pedestals surrounded three sides of structure. Monument of Parth’s reliefs which were reused then in another building were in  the building. The atrium by the side of the door has a three-naved plan. There were serrated sections by bricks pillars at the outer walls of atrium. The cold water pool was in the middle section of the bath and there were rooms for dressing and resting. From the cold section there was an entrance to the warm section and the entrance to the three chambers amongs the other nine section in the middle of the bath. The hot part of the bath was large and large windows facing with six hot water polls. The warm section had three chambers which were used for ball games, boxing, gymnastics, body care and massage.

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