Hercules Gate

Ephesus Hercules Gate

Gate of Hercules – Ephesus

Hercules Gate was constructed from reused materials as a monumental gate in the late Antique period and locates in the east corner of the Kuretes Street. There are reliefs of Hercules on its two doorposts and this gate takes its name from these reliefs. The Hercules gate was located in the late 4th AD.

The reliefs of Hercules on both sides of the gate were described in Nemean lion skin. In mythology Nemean lion was the strongest creature and Hercules beated him. Beating him was one of the missions of Hercules in mythology. On the arch of Hercules gate the relief of Nike which locates now on the Domitian square, was originally situated. The design of Nike dates back half of the 4th century.

Hercules Gate was used a seperation between the up city and down city. Curetes Street was used as a pedestrian lane. It was used for controlling the vehicles moving up.

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