Public Toilets - Latrines in Ephesus

Public Toilets (Latrines)

Like in every advanced antient city; in Ephesus the Latrines ( public toilets ) were also built as a need. Latrines were used as a part of Scholastica Baths. Latrines of Ephesus were a place for people to enjoy and relax. It was one of the place for socializing.

After passing the Scholastica Baths the Latrines locate at the corner of Curetes Street on the right hand side. They were used by public, only men. The enterance of Latrines was a double-winged door. On three sides of open courtyard there are U-shaped 48 marble seats with holes. A deep sewage pipe was located under the seats which was for allowing the fast sterilization of the toilet drains and the open courtyard in the middle was for the rapid removel of bad smells.

For cleaning themselves up there was a clean water channel which is passing through in front of the toilet seats. They were using sticks with a sponge for cleaning. Sponges were kept in vinegar for hygiene. Before using, people would take the sitcks and wash with the fresh water running in the channels in front of the closets. In the middle was a pool open to the sky while there were columns at the sides of the pool supporting the roof to cover the toilets. The room was kept cool with a central pool in the summer and heated by the central heating system with the hot water which was brought from Scholastica Baths via clay baked pipes.

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