Marble Street

Marble Street in Ephesus City

Marble Street

The connection between Curetes Street and  Arcadiane Street was Marble Street which was one the main streets of Ephesus City. It was named  for its white marble pavements.

Marble Street starts from Celsus Library and goes on the far entrance of the Great Theatre of Ephesus, it was also the section of Sacred road which leads to the Temple of Artemis. For religious ceremony road  and a pedestrian way, It was one of the mostly used road.

The street was erected in 1. Centry AD and the expences of the reconstruction were supported by a rich Ephesus citizen during 5. Century AD. Its Eastern side was decorated with Corinthian and Ionic columns. Behind columns, there were spaces which used for commercial purposes  and multi-storey dwellings. 2 meters hight Stoa of Nero was on the west of Marble Street.

On the western side of street, there is drawings of a female bust with polos, a foot and a heart pierced by an arrow. Drawing have been an advertisement which gives the directions to “House of Love” at the beginning of the street. This advertisement known as the first advertisement of world.

There had been many excavations and restorations on Marble Street.

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