Mazeus and Mithridates Gate

Ephesus Gate of Mazeus and Mithridates Gate

Gate of Mazeus and Mithridates

The monumental Gate of Mazeus and Mithridates was used as Gate of Commercial Agora. The gate was built in 40 AD.

It is thought that two slaves gifted the monument to the emperor Caesar Augustus to celebrate their freedom.

Mazeus and Mithridates were set free and were sent to Ephesus City as officers in charge of maintaining the prosperties belonging to the Roman Empire by Emperor Augustus. After Mazeus and Mithridates become wealthy officers, they constructed this monumental gate to honor their former owners. On the monumentt there was the longest Latin inscription of Ephesus which says “From the Emperor Caesar Augustus, the son of the god, the greatest of the priests, who was consul twelve and tribune twenty times; and the wife of August Livia; the son of Lucus, Marc Agrippa who was consul three times, Emperor, and tribune six times; and the daughter of Julio Caesar Augustus, Mazeus and Mythridates to their master and the people.” Inscription is not only Latin also in Greek language.

The archaeologists excavated the gate first in 1903 and they restored it in 1980-89.

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