Ephesus Odeon Bouleuterion

Odeon Bouleuterion

Odeon, also  known small Theatre  was used by members of the City Council gathered for governmental discussions about future of city and also listened to musical concerts. Odeon was built around 150 AD and it’s construction expenses were supported by P. Vedius Antonius and his wife Flavia Papiana, who were among the wealhty people of city.

The original structure was provided with coverings and with a capacity of 1500 spectators, alternatively served as a bouleuterion in which the Boulea or the Senate met for  religious, executive, political and judicial  subjects. Odeon also used as a small covered theatre.

The structure had three main sections: the cavea (auditorium), the orchestra (place of action for the actors) and the skene (the stage building). The semi-circular cavea is divided in two by a diazoma (horizontal passage separating the rows of seats) in the center. The orchestra is semi-circular and it’s seats were marble. Odeon was covered with a wooden roof and there is no gutter for rain water in the center of the orchestra.

Odeon was reconstructed by Selcuk Museum 1970 and 1990 to be seen how it used to looked like.

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