Pollio Fountain

Pollio Fountain

Fountain of Pollio

Pollio Fountain which faces the Domitian Temple locates in front of the west terrace wall of State Agora. It is known from Latin and Greek inscriptions that this monumant is also the cenotaph of C. Sextilius Pollio and it was constructed by foster son of C. Sextilius Pollio in 97 (AD)

The structure had a monumental pedestal covered with marble slabs over a rubble base covering an area. There were two doorposts on two sides that merge with a grand niche. On its westernside thin wall supports which was in sole ornament on this monument surrounded the smaller niche. The branching system of clay baked pipes was providing water from this fountain. Three main aqueducts around the city were carrying the water. With its great arch supporting its semi-circular pediment, Pollio Fountain is visible from different sites of the city.

A number of statues, one of which was the head of Zeus, decorated the facade of the fountain. A group of Polyphemus statue was decorating the pool on a pedestal, these statues are exhibited now at Ephesus Museum.

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