Theatre Gymnasium

Theatre Gymnasium - Ephesus

Gymnasium of Theater

Theatre Gymnasium which was kown also as Bath-Gymnasium complex, locates on north of the Theatre Court, at the beginning Harbor Street of Ephesus. The Gymnasiums were constructed mostly both for mental activities and for sportive activities in the ancient cities. In these major schools the young tought and talked about art, sports, literature and drama.

In the construction there was a palaestra court which is surrounded on three sides by stoa and its podiums were covered by marble. Now we can see the tribune which consists of four rows of stairs constructed on the north of the tribune. Then added another field to the tribune for the standing spectators. It is thought that it was used to train the theatre actors as Theatre Gymnasium was very close to the theatre. Therefore it was called as Theatre Gymnasium. It can be undertsood from the seperations of the bath complex of the Gymnasium that the rooms which were for dressing, hot bath and chot water pools.

Theatre Gymnasium Picture Gallery