Trajan Fountain

Ephesus Trajan Fountain

Fountain of Trajan

In 114.A.D. Trajan Fountain which was one of the three most magnificent structer of Ephesus, was constructed to honor the Emperor Trajan. The fountain was ornamented with the Corinthian and Composite columns in order and it had two ornamental pools, one in the front and one at rear with two tiers of columns. It is understood that this fountain was built by Tiberius Claudis Aristion and was dedicated to Emperor Trajan according to the frieze and inscription. On the architrave of the lower level and the addition of two wings facing the facede on the entire side makes it more magnifient.

a pool was built infront of the fountain, between these two wings. In the middle into the front pool there is a big water channel. It had a two storey niche which was constructed in the middle section of facede. A big-size statue of Emperor Trajan was in the middle niche, on the top of the channel, the base and the foot with a round stone of his statue are in the original places. It is indicated in the inscription that the round stone under his foot means the world is underneath his feet.

Ephesus Fountain of Trajan

Trajan Fountain

The pipes beneath the plinth was filling the pool with the water. When the first pool was filled with the water, the water flew from the channel into the front pool. During the excavation of the building the statues of Aphrodite, two statues of Dionysos which are in the nude and the clothed, a young hunter figure symbolizing the founder of the city, Androklos, Emperor Nerva, some women and one statue of a Satyr in a lying position were found. Now all of these findings in the Trajan Fountain are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Ephesus.

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